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01/22/15: Native Plant meeting about sustainable landscaping Saturday
01/22/15: Home tour in Terlingua Sunday
01/22/15: Reabren programa de lectura infantil en la biblioteca de Presidio
01/22/15: Comienza este mes la presentación de candidaturas para las elecciones del 9 de mayo
01/22/15: El Consejo Municipal hablará de nuevos nombramientos a escaños municipales
01/22/15: Embajadas y Consulados de México emiten actas de nacimiento para los connacionales
01/22/15: En 2015, se acelerará la modernización de la infraestructura aduanera incluyendo Ojinaga
01/22/15: Alpine residents honored at annual chamber banquet
01/22/15: McRae
01/22/15: Wink
01/22/15: Boyhood racks up more awards, Oscar nominations
01/22/15: City council to discuss new appointments to city positions
01/22/15: Filing for May 9 city election begins this month
01/22/15: Presidio resident Rebecca Coffman takes first place in endurance road race
01/22/15: golliver – the other 50%
01/22/15: dick decent – money to the poor
01/22/15: high desert sketches
01/22/15: the rambling boy
01/22/15: the idle american
01/22/15: correspondence
01/22/15: Hermann named CDRI executive director
01/22/15: How not to run an endurance race
01/22/15: New Ojinaga port of entry to be built this year
01/22/15: Marfa teacher is new Alpine ISD school board member
01/22/15: School board addressing concern of parent-teacher: morale and retention
01/22/15: Former Terlingua resident’s murder trial moved to Sierra Blanca
01/16/15: Da a conocer la CFE al ganador de la licitación del gasoducto Coyanosa-Presidio
01/16/15: Detenido un inmigrante ilegal/delincuente sexual en el control de Marfa y es condenado en un tribunal federal
01/16/15: Detenido un hombre buscado durante 21 años por acusación de homicidio
01/16/15: Agentes de la Patrulla Fronteriza incautan 277 libras de marihuana cerca de Presidio
01/16/15: Presidio ISD District-wide Educational Improvement Council elects first student chairperson
01/16/15: Presidio ISD tuba player selected for all-state honors
01/15/15: the road to excellence
01/15/15: steve’s funny column
01/15/15: the idle american
01/15/15: the rambling boy
01/15/15: dick decent – opinion
01/15/15: Golliver – Charlie Hebdo
01/15/15: correspondence
01/15/15: Calderon
01/15/15: Elder
01/15/15: Holloway
01/15/15: McNair
01/15/15: Marfa High School students now using Industrial Arts building
01/15/15: Marfa native pleads guilty to meth distribution
01/15/15: Bids for paving projects rejected by city
01/15/15: Pizza Foundation asking for support through Kickstarter
01/15/15: Judith Broughton indicted for hiding mother’s corpse from authorities
01/15/15: City agrees to apply for water well loan
01/15/15: Icy weather causes accidents on US 67
01/15/15: Brewster County tax rollback election passes, despite low turnout
01/15/15: Filing for May 9 elections begin this month
01/15/15: Marfa students take top honors at BBLSA stock show
01/15/15: Partially filmed in area, Linklater’s ‘Boyhood’ wins Golden Globes
01/15/15: The fallout from the storm
01/15/15: Lajitas owner among group selected to head Texas-Mexico gas pipeline
01/08/15: Marfa High School robotics team trains in El Paso
01/08/15: Acosta
01/08/15: Baeza
01/08/15: Church
01/08/15: Cox
01/08/15: Cross
01/08/15: Fitzgerald
01/08/15: Harlow
01/08/15: Muñiz
01/08/15: Wright
01/08/15: cartas
01/08/15: Business education-entrepreneur group holds informative meeting
01/08/15: Acosta
01/08/15: Consulado de México en Presidio organiza posada navideña
01/08/15: Un grupo de emprendedores y educadores comerciales celebran una reunión informativa
01/08/15: Escuela Primaria de Presidio realiza musical navideño
01/08/15: Miles de personas sin electricidad durante la tormenta invernal del fin de semana pasado
01/08/15: La defensora del paciente del distrito hospitalario estará hoy en Presidio
01/08/15: dick decent – 516
01/08/15: golliver – Scalise
01/08/15: the idle american
01/08/15: high desert sketches
01/08/15: the rambling boy
01/08/15: library talk
01/08/15: correspondence
01/08/15: A brief history of the Big Bend Annual Livestock Show & Sale
01/08/15: Mother questions 10-year-old son’s arrest
01/08/15: Ponton tells county about potential changes to 83rd DA district
01/08/15: Guevara takes reins of Presidio County
01/08/15: Rollback election Tuesday, early voting ends on Friday
01/08/15: Cold weather persists through Big Bend Region
01/08/15: Big Bend Livestock Show starts today
01/08/15: Thousands without power during last weekend’s winter storm
12/17/14: St. James offers Christmas service for the grieving
12/17/14: Merton Mondays are back at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
12/17/14: Dollar General donates $40,000 to Presidio ISD elementary school
12/17/14: Dollar General dona $40,000 a la escuela primaria de Presidio
12/17/14: Terlingua musician’s new recording includes full band
12/17/14: Take a hike on New Year’s day
12/17/14: Photo book features iconic Texas images
12/17/14: Elected officials set January oath-of-office ceremonies
12/17/14: MAID in Marfa – Production of short film continues this week
12/17/14: Alpine-born rodeo roper breaks national finals rodeo record
12/17/14: Quaids want their passports back

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