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04/18/14: Elisa Tercero
04/18/14: Marfa ISD Board of Trustees Regular Meeting 6pm Monday, April 21st, Central Office Board Room, MHS Campus
04/18/14: Presidio county Commissioners Court Regular Special Meeting 6pm Tuesday, April 22, Presidio County Annex, Presidio
04/17/14: Reunión de Cabildo en Ojinaga
04/17/14: Elodia Vasquez Acosta
04/17/14: Margaret Anne Knoell
04/17/14: Flora Peña Olivas
04/17/14: Olivina H. Sanchez
04/17/14: Elisa Tercero
04/17/14: Freddie Wayne Thompson
04/17/14: Vincent memorial Tuesday
04/17/14: Playing the violin for the first time in Rerememberer
04/17/14: Two days of El Paso radness begins Friday night
04/17/14: Celebrate Record Store Day at All That Music in El Paso
04/17/14: No appointment made to vacant city council seat
04/17/14: New animal control officer takes it one day at a time in Presidio
04/17/14: Sul Ross student from Presidio win awards at TIPA conference
04/17/14: Sul Ross President Emeritus Morgan accepts interim post at UH-Victoria
04/17/14: Marfa school board to consider solar plant tax abatements Monday
04/17/14: Property reappraisals now expected May 1
04/17/14: Gallego recovers $2.5 million for 23rd District of Texas constituents
04/17/14: Participation rises at Presidio County Fair in Marfa
04/17/14: Gallego questions ag secretary on Presidio/OJ cattle crossing closure
04/17/14: Livingston pleads guilty, sentenced to probation and restitution
04/17/14: Marfa Country Clinic denied grant for uncompensated care
04/17/14: O’Connor book signing is Saturday in Marfa
04/17/14: Presidio audit still in progress one year late
04/17/14: ROMP honors Gonzales during Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week
04/17/14: Management changes at Holland Hotel, Century Bar, Maverick Inn
04/17/14: high desert sketches
04/17/14: ¡ask a mexican!
04/17/14: steve’s funny column
04/17/14: the rambling boy
04/17/14: library talk
04/17/14: golliver – pulitzer
04/17/14: dick decent – judgement day
04/17/14: correspondence
04/10/14: Gallego recovers $2.5 million for 23rd District of Texas constituents
04/10/14: Blue Devils top Eagles to share District 3-3A lead
04/10/14: New Bishop to lead Mass in Marfa, Valentine
04/10/14: El Consejo Municipal de Presidio abordará la inactividad
04/10/14: La Oficina de Correos en Valentine llega al mercado
04/10/14: El puerto de entrada de Boquillas celebra su primer aniversario
04/10/14: Bishop patrocina fiesta de agradecimiento
04/10/14: Búsqueda de huevos de pascua
04/10/14: Búsqueda de Huevos de Pascua en Presidio el 12 de abril
04/10/14: Lights fest in doubt in city funding issue
04/10/14: Rent a room, pay the tax, regardless where guests sleep
04/10/14: Viva Big Bend Food Festival begins this evening
04/10/14: Presidio County Fair is Saturday in Marfa
04/10/14: Radio repeaters to stay on Chinati Peak
04/10/14: City approves EMS transport rate increase
04/10/14: Chinati Mountains park opening to public access, after 18 years
04/10/14: ¡ask a Mexican!
04/10/14: the road to excellence
04/10/14: the anti-fan
04/10/14: dispatch from DC
04/10/14: library talk
04/10/14: golliver – equal pay
04/10/14: dick decent – cowboy fever
04/10/14: correspondence
04/09/14: Marfa City Hall closed for training
04/07/14: Regular Meeting of the City Council of the City of Marfa, 6pm, Tuesday, April 8, Casner Hall
04/03/14: El juez Ferguson nombrará a un auditor del condado para ayudar con las finanzas del Condado de Presidio
04/03/14: Presidio y Ojinaga se unen a favor del arte local y de una cultura compartida
04/03/14: Humberto Acosta
04/03/14: James Lee
04/03/14: Concluye con existo Caminata Binacional de Arte 2014
04/03/14: Santiaga Alvarado
04/03/14: Muere la cuarta víctima del accidente en Coyanosa
04/03/14: El puerto de entrada de Boquillas celebra su primer aniversario
04/03/14: Lionel Martinez
04/03/14: Manuel Razo
04/03/14: Conception Sotelo
04/03/14: Eunice Vincent
04/03/14: Boquillas port of entry celebrates first anniversary
04/03/14: Presidio MDD funds fuel pump improvements at Lely International Airport
04/03/14: Presidio and Ojinaga unite for local art, music, and shared culture
04/03/14: Judge Ferguson orders auditor for Presidio County
04/03/14: Food distributed on Saturday
04/03/14: KRTS spring membership drive begins
04/03/14: Fourth victim dies in Coyanosa accident
04/03/14: Appraisal district board gets update on countywide reappraisal
04/03/14: Texas Monthly editor, former Sentinel reporter, heads to the New York Times Magazine
04/03/14: Viva Big Bend Food Festival is next week
04/03/14: New Bishop to celebrate Mass in Marfa and Valentine Palm Sunday weekend
04/03/14: Tacos and vodka at Wrong is right
04/03/14: Marfa clinic to expand after rezoning approved
04/03/14: No new positives found in TransPecos CWD study
04/03/14: The largest US tented circus is coming to Marfa
04/03/14: ¡ask a mexican!
04/03/14: steve’s funny column
04/03/14: high desert sketches
04/03/14: the rambling boy
04/03/14: library talk
04/03/14: golliver – obamacare
04/03/14: dick decent – 9271977
04/03/14: correspondence
04/01/14: City of Presidio Special Council Meeting, April 1, 6:30pm
03/28/14: A letter from Joe (9171977)

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