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The most recent 100 Articles

06/24/16: Big Bend Regional Hospital District receives notice to close Marfa Meds as soon as possible
06/23/16: Sentinel and International take nine press awards
06/23/16: Marfa ISD volunteer reading program a success
06/23/16: Texas Ranger H. Joaquin Jackson, November 12, 1935 – June 15, 2016
06/23/16: Church
06/23/16: Fuentez
06/23/16: Teague
06/23/16: Amateur radio field day is Saturday, Sunday
06/23/16: A reading of Orlando victim names is set for Sunday at Marfa courthouse 5-6pm
06/23/16: Last weekend for Sul Ross Theatre of the Big Bend’s summer production of ‘Charlotte’s Web’
06/23/16: Hernandez art classes offered
06/23/16: Donations sought for Sul Ross student film
06/23/16: New details emerge in Alpine sexual assault case
06/23/16: In past two weeks, five burglaries and possible arsons reported in tri-county area
06/23/16: Downtown height restriction still in P&Z panel’s sights
06/23/16: Bond increased for suspect in stabbing case
06/23/16: Marfa Meds may end
06/23/16: Marfans trek to space launch
06/23/16: Texas Dems oppose Pipeline
06/23/16: Presidio Independence Day celebration Sunday, July 3
06/23/16: Fiesta del Barrio Independence Day celebration in Alpine
06/23/16: Presidio’s peso problem
06/23/16: Mexican gas shortage causes long lines at Presidio pumps
06/23/16: Presidio students, community members study solar power generation
06/23/16: La escasez de gasolina afecta a los fronterizos
06/23/16: Comienza la construcción de la planta de chiles; los contratistas compran parque de casas rodantes
06/23/16: En Chihuahua se duplicó consumo de gasolina por pánico
06/23/16: Presidio student earns Master’s degree from UNT
06/23/16: steve’s funny column
06/23/16: guest commentary by the Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah
06/23/16: the rambling boy
06/23/16: golliver – evacuation routes
06/23/16: the money man
06/23/16: dick decent – fbi radar
06/23/16: correspondence
06/23/16: Marfa woman gives stranger the gift of life
06/16/16: Chili plant construction begins; contractors buy hilltop RV park
06/16/16: Landowners granted production well permits
06/16/16: Ownership of Marfa adobe still in question, festivals granted banners and closures
06/16/16: County accepts ownership of historic Ruidosa church
06/16/16: Signatures snowball on open letter to Kelcy Warren
06/16/16: Marfa vigil shows support for Orlando, Florida victims
06/16/16: Marfa P&Z committee to consider height restrictions, container dwellings
06/16/16: Standardized test blunders delay scores; student promotion not affected
06/16/16: Summer Solstice ceremony to be held in Alpine
06/16/16: Painting pulling technique workshop this weekend in Alpine
06/16/16: New photo exhibit opens Friday at Greasewood
06/16/16: Mirror Travel returns to Marfa for El Cosmico’s Sunset Soundtracks
06/16/16: Hernandez
06/16/16: news for veterans
06/16/16: high desert sketches
06/16/16: Coasta fills the hip hop gap in Marfa
06/16/16: $2.8 million awarded to landowners in pipeline condemnation hearings
06/16/16: the rambling boy
06/16/16: Presidio County to golf course developers: show us the money
06/16/16: golliver – how’s business?
06/16/16: the money man
06/16/16: dick decent – everyone’s a target
06/16/16: Notas desde Bacabureachi Del 16 al 22 de junio de 2016
06/16/16: Teatro Sin Fronteras debutará en el Olimpia con la obra “Entre Pancho Villa y una Mujer Desnuda”
06/16/16: El Condado acepta la posesión de la iglesia histórica de Ruidosa
06/16/16: correspondence
06/16/16: Presidio mira hacia Ojinaga para futuros clientes de gas natural
06/13/16: Presidio County Commissioners’ Court regular meeting. 9am June 14, Presidio County Courthouse, Marfa.
06/13/16: City of Marfa regular meeting. Tuesday, June 14, 2016. Casner Room at City Hall
06/09/16: the money man
06/09/16: golliver – building a wall
06/09/16: the rambling boy
06/09/16: dick decent – ken starr
06/09/16: correspondence
06/09/16: North Highland Avenue backdrop for TV show
06/09/16: On the set of I Love Dick
06/09/16: Notes from Bacabureachi
06/09/16: Judith Pardo-Alferez and Arturo Alferez depart Presidio schools
06/09/16: TXDoT unveils bridge plans, environmental study
06/09/16: Presidio looks to Ojinaga for future natural gas customers
06/09/16: Door closes on pipeline appeals
06/09/16: Midland man sentenced for attempted murder of CBP agent
06/09/16: PAN wins Ojinaga mayor’s race by a landslide
06/09/16: Big Bend National Park ranger with Marfa ties receives regional award
06/09/16: Hospital serves up good food with a new chef
06/09/16: Ohio athlete with Marfa ties wins big at state track and field championship
06/09/16: Franconi
06/09/16: Battista
06/09/16: Franconi
06/09/16: Los propietarios de la mina de Shafter evalúan las posibilidades de la mina de plata
06/09/16: Arrasa el Partido Acción Nacional en Ojinaga
06/09/16: Abril Jurado: Miss Ojinaga 2016
06/09/16: Muere menor de edad a causa de dos heridas provocadas con arma Blanca
06/09/16: Commission rules against pipeline in condemnation case
06/02/16: Fiestas regionales: 301 años de la fundación de Ojinaga
06/02/16: Presidio band makes 20th appearance at state contest, Max Ferguson earns gold
06/02/16: Celebrating 301 years of the founding of Ojinaga
06/02/16: Shafter mine owners evaluating silver mine’s prospects
06/02/16: Chisos Basin at BBNP facing water shortage
06/02/16: Marfa Live Arts’ brings La Banda music workshop to MISD’s Camp Summer Shake-Up
06/02/16: Mendoza
06/02/16: 2016 Marfa ISD/Ballroom Marfa DJ Camp coming soon
06/02/16: Marfa ISD and Chinati present: 3-D Summer Shake Up
06/02/16: Spencer

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