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10/23/14: Daniel
10/23/14: Marfa HS students get techie in upcoming workshops
10/23/14: Terlingua Green Scene this Saturday in Ghost Town
10/23/14: ¡ask a mexican!
10/23/14: the rambling boy
10/23/14: steve’s funny column
10/23/14: correspondence
10/23/14: dick decent – 507
10/23/14: guest column
10/23/14: golliver – mail in
10/23/14: Property tax installment plan available for homeowners over 65
10/23/14: Trial set for Waco artist accused of Prada Marfa vandalism
10/23/14: UFO Border Zone Festival, Dude of the Dead kick off this weekend
10/23/14: Marfa ISD to raise requirements for valedictorian and salutatorian
10/23/14: Trial of Marfa man accused of assaulting infant begins Monday
10/23/14: Early voting continues, IDs required
10/23/14: Polls opened Monday in ‘Somewhere County, Texas’
10/23/14: The quest to follow a disappearing river
10/21/14: Abigail Aranda Salgado
10/21/14: Terlingua woman sentenced to maximum sentence in social security fraud case
10/16/14: Prolific wildlife author at Front Street Books Saturday
10/16/14: BBRMC Health Fair Saturday
10/16/14: Chinati, Blackwell, Marfa ISD host Día de los Muertos celebration
10/16/14: West Texas documentary filmmaker part of PBS water special
10/16/14: Las votaciones anticipadas comienzan el lunes
10/16/14: Anuncia César Duarte creación de Escuela Bilingüe de Enfermería en Ojinaga en 2015
10/16/14: Primer informe de gobierno del presidente municipal de Ojinaga
10/16/14: Ojinaga mayor gives first state of city address
10/16/14: Chihuahua governor announces Ojinaga bilingual nursing school
10/16/14: Bowman
10/16/14: Dominguez
10/16/14: Ceniceros
10/16/14: Gallego
10/16/14: Razo
10/16/14: Ozomatli to celebrate 20 years as a band
10/16/14: golliver – confused
10/16/14: dick decent – ebola
10/16/14: the rambling boy
10/16/14: high desert sketches
10/16/14: Presidio firefighters unofficially resign
10/16/14: Presidio City attorney, council member resign
10/16/14: steve’s funny column
10/16/14: correspondence
10/16/14: Long-time Brewster County commissioner unexpectedly resigns
10/16/14: Marfa mayor now municipal judge, too
10/16/14: Fort D.A. Russell home spared the wrecking ball
10/16/14: Presidio County 2013 audit is good, but qualified
10/16/14: Lack of indictment leads to Alpine murder suspect’s release
10/16/14: Hospital district eyes transportation, expands eligibility for indigent care
10/16/14: County acquires van for veterans
10/16/14: Early voting starts Monday, IDs are needed
10/16/14: Juarez low rider tours planned
10/11/14: ACL Day 1
10/09/14: Alpine teacher loses life, her Marfa mother injured, in traffic accident Thursday
10/09/14: “Our ‘81”: a young artist’s look at the history of Latin American revolutions
10/09/14: Sentinel reporter heads to ACL
10/09/14: Proposed VA facility in Marfa faces deadline
10/09/14: Artist Larry Bell revisits glass for improvisational Chinati Weekend special exhibit
10/09/14: New Ballroom staff has Marfa ties
10/09/14: Ballroom names new executive director
10/09/14: Detenidos unos mexicanos y guatemaltecos en la carretera de Pinto Canyon
10/09/14: Inicia Semana Binacional de Salud
10/09/14: El personal de Gallego fija el 16 de octubre para su visita a Presidio
10/09/14: Recaudación de fondos para Dora López el 19 de octubre
10/09/14: Presidio celebrará su santa patrona con gran fiesta este fin de semana
10/09/14: After SoHo, Judd Foundation sets sights on Marfa
10/09/14: Se abrirá una tienda Coppel en Ojinaga
10/09/14: Preocupación por una exposición masiva a la tuberculosis en El Paso
10/09/14: Bi-national Health Week events continue
10/09/14: Council member’s resignation on tonight’s meeting agenda
10/09/14: Binational Health Conference confronts El Paso tuberculosis emergency
10/09/14: Hawkins
10/09/14: Massive El Paso tuberculosis exposure a border concern
10/09/14: ¡ask a mexican!
10/09/14: library talk
10/09/14: Paranormal Presidio: An interview with Noe Torres and Ruben Uriarte
10/09/14: Dude of the Dead changes locations, for bigger Presidio turnout
10/09/14: steve’s funny column
10/09/14: Mexican retail chain Coppel to open store in Ojinaga
10/09/14: Hospital district denies $500,000 transfer to hospital at heated meeting
10/09/14: Radio announcers/candidates stay on air, this time
10/09/14: dick decent – ebola
10/09/14: golliver – linked
10/09/14: the rambling boy
10/09/14: correspondence
10/09/14: Chinati announces major new work by Robert Irwin
10/09/14: Plan for modern Marfa residence in historic district raises concerns
10/02/14: Andrew Madrid
10/02/14: BJ Gallego benefit Saturday
10/02/14: 2nd annual car show is Sunday
10/02/14: Blessing of the animals is Sunday at St. Paul’s
10/02/14: Voluntarios reparan una escuela tarahumara
10/02/14: La Biblioteca de Presidio recibe una subvención para proyectos especiales
10/02/14: A cumplir o pagar, dice el Juez Ferguson
10/02/14: Agentes de Aduana incautan heroína por valor de 1 millón de dólares en el puerto de Presidio
10/02/14: Ven al mercadito este sábado
10/02/14: Villanueva-Zayas es nombrada trabajadora social para el distrito hospitalario del Condado de Presidio
10/02/14: Marfa llora la muerte del estudiante Andrew Madrid
10/02/14: Presidio ISD school nurse resigns, PISD employee steps up
10/02/14: City of Presidio approves new tax rate, budget

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