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07/31/15: HAY FOR SALE
07/31/15: HELP WANTED
07/31/15: Employment Opportunities
07/31/15: FOR SALE
07/31/15: GARAGE SALE
07/31/15: GARAGE SALE
07/31/15: GARAGE SALE
07/31/15: PUBLIC/LEGAL
07/30/15: Ex-sheriff wants life sentence reduced to 30 years
07/30/15: AHS class of ’75 to reunion Labor Day weekend
07/30/15: Shorthorn mini cheer camp begins Monday
07/30/15: City of Alpine presents the Shooting Alpine 2015 Photo Contest
07/30/15: Chinati Foundation presents Unset on Saturday
07/30/15: Cinemarfa’s Japanese Cinema series continues Tuesday
07/30/15: the money man
07/30/15: the rambling boy
07/30/15: To read or not to read; it’s not really a question
07/30/15: library talk
07/30/15: hurd on the hill
07/30/15: correspondence
07/30/15: Viva Big Bend rinde homenaje a Doug Sahm en su apertura
07/30/15: Funcionarios locales y estatales miran hacia el futuro de Presidio/Ojinaga
07/30/15: Presidio takes home state medals for baseball
07/30/15: It’s time for county to remedy accounting, compliance issues
07/30/15: Local, state officials brace for Presidio’s future
07/30/15: Pipeline project under federal examination
07/30/15: Grant audit front and center at county meeting
07/27/15: Las camas –generalmente dadas por hecho– se convierten en un simple placer para los niños tarahumara
07/23/15: golliver – anonymous
07/23/15: dick decent – pipeline flags
07/23/15: Calling all children to join the summer library program next week, presenters, tour, picnic
07/23/15: Entregan armamento y uniformes a policías de Ojinaga
07/23/15: Big Bend Regional Medical Center abrirá una clínica de especialidades en Presidio
07/23/15: Presidio students and the Community Park Project continues
07/23/15: Avances del Proyecto Comunitario en Presidio
07/23/15: Los agricultores mexicanos se preparan para el gasoducto
07/23/15: Instalaran áreas verdes en el Centro Histórico de Ojinaga
07/23/15: Por fin, una farmacia para la ciudad de Presidio
07/23/15: Subirán las tarifas de agua en la ciudad de Presidio
07/23/15: Ray Hendryx to be honored Tuesday
07/23/15: Open studio Friday at Locker Plant for Chinati artist in residence Jennifer Cohen
07/23/15: Mercado Mural dedication is Saturday on Murphy Street
07/23/15: Art, cumbia, vodka and a benefit @ Wrong
07/23/15: Veteran author Terri Espinoza sets Marfa book signing on Sunday
07/23/15: Novelist’s mystery series based on Far West Texas landscape, events
07/23/15: the rambling boy
07/23/15: cattlemen’s column
07/23/15: the money man
07/23/15: correspondence
07/23/15: Marfa Meds closed for now, may be permanent
07/23/15: PISD reorganizes personnel, softball coach resigns
07/23/15: Demolition begins at Marfa Villa Apartments
07/23/15: Larry Bell exhibition closing this weekend
07/23/15: MHS class of ’75 reunions this weekend
07/23/15: Finally, a pharmacy for Presidio
07/23/15: Mexican farmers brace for pipeline
07/23/15: It’s all about the groove
07/16/15: Fire department receives limited funding
07/16/15: money man
07/16/15: steve’s funny column
07/16/15: Texas senior US Senator John Cornyn
07/16/15: Texas junior Senator Ted Cruz
07/16/15: idle american
07/16/15: A partir del 1 de julio West Texas Food Bank renueva solicitudes de despensa en Presidio
07/16/15: Programa de entrenamiento en Presidio
07/16/15: Obra de escape del Chapo de alta ingeniería dice el Alcalde
07/16/15: Refuerza Estado retenes por fuga de “El Chapo”
07/16/15: Consulado en Presidio exhorta a los mexicanos viviendo en Estados Unidos a terminar su educación media superior
07/16/15: Presidio local named one of Texas’ best doctors
07/16/15: Presidio water rates to rise
07/16/15: Anthony Quinn namesake restaurant is in northern Chihuahuan Desert
07/16/15: Presidio to host state baseball tournament next week
07/16/15: Brewster groundwater district adopts moratorium on new industrial well permits
07/16/15: Marfa recycling returns
07/16/15: Emotions run high at Alpine pipeline meeting
07/16/15: Fort Davis man dies from bee attack
07/16/15: County accepts adverse opinion audit, promises change
07/16/15: Texas poet Larry Thomas will read his poetry Friday at bookstore
07/16/15: In conversation with Michelle Garcia
07/16/15: Rock-n-roll bands take the stage at Padre’s tonight, Friday
07/16/15: Sacrificing their lives for Marfa’s safety
07/16/15: rambling boy
07/16/15: dick decent – older than keith richards?
07/16/15: hurd on the hill
07/16/15: golliver – piñata protest, trump or warren
07/16/15: correspondence
07/16/15: Roger Kinzie
07/16/15: Teodoro Lujan
07/16/15: Father Mel La Follettee
07/11/15: Florence Halpern
07/09/15: Angela Dominguez
07/09/15: Fr. Mel La Follette
07/09/15: Antonio Molinar
07/09/15: the money man
07/09/15: steve’s funny column
07/09/15: the money man
07/09/15: idle american
07/09/15: library talk
07/09/15: rambling boy

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